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Our company of artists and craftspeople is one of America’s elite stained glass studios. Salem’s product is as old as antiquity and as up to date as tomorrow, just one reason why our original designs, installation work and restoration services are in constant demand.

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Art for all Types of Spaces

stained glass ballpark scene

The most beautiful stained glass transforms the space you’re in. And you, too, are changed — even if for but a moment — by the light that filters through its panes and washes over your soul. If that’s the effect you want to create in your sacred, residential or public space, you have chosen the perfect place to begin.

  • Superior craftsmanship and impeccable designs
  • Restoration and repair of existing stained glass installations
  • Unique art for public places and sacred spaces
  • Windows, Doors, Skylights: Add art to your home, business, or sanctuary

Go from average to outstanding

From homes to church sanctuaries and courthouses – we’ve visited and left beauty behind.

Established in 1985

Our workshop is located in East Bend, N.C., USA, but we go wherever we’re needed.

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